When You Need It Just Right and Lots of It

Manufacturing via extrusion is a standard method of production across numerous industries from steel, to food, and even to plastics. Customized plastic tubing or parts can be economically produced to spec for a number of purposes in diverse industries. Breaking the manufacturing process down, raw plastics are loaded into a gravity hopper and fed into a machine that has a large screw down the middle and industrial heaters to melt the plastic. The plastic is then forced into a die in the shape desired. Sheets, tubing, films, or flats, plastic comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and types.

Everyday or Out of the Ordinary

A lot of people don’t know that plastic is in every part of our lives from the pipes that carry our water and the bags we use for groceries to medical supplies and automobile parts. Designing in plastic for extrusion allows the creation of a large number of needed objects very quickly. From polypropylene to polycarbonate, there’s very little that plastic can’t do. It’s a versatile, strong, and lightweight material that fills a variety of niches quickly and with a lighter impact on your budget than other materials. When you order tubing and other items made by custom plastic extrusion, your only limit is your imagination.

Work with Extrusion Experts

No matter what product you are looking to make, having your item made onshore in American means that you maintain better control over your supply lines. With decades of experience and multiple locations across the United States, MDI can make and deliver a superior product quickly, and allow for your full design input. Get started today on your tubing product and see what it’s like to get a great product at a great price.

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