When You Need a Deck Repair in Kansas City, MO

If you enjoy spending time on your deck, it can take a good deal of abuse not only from you, your family, and friends but also from the weather. A deck’s exposure to UV rays, ice, heavy rains, and snow can lead to the need for repair. When a deck deteriorates, it can also trigger accidents. That is why you should have an annual inspection made of your deck.

Reasons for Repair

Situations that lead to a deck repair in Kansas City, MO include problems with rotting or damages to the flashing. Joists or beams may also need repairs as may the decking boards. Cracks in the boards are more of an irritant than a structural issue. However, the cracks can worsen over time. Therefore, they need to be addressed immediately.

Switching Out a Board

If you need to replace a decking board to remove a crack, the deck repair is relatively easy to do and will not take much time. However, the new replacement board may be a bit too noticeable. If so, you should have the board stained to match the deck before it is installed.

Fixing a Railing

A deck repair may also require replacing or fixing a railing. A specialist in deck repair and replacement will survey the rail system for loose handrails and posts. Usually, the problem can be easily resolved by drilling holes and securing the members with stainless steel or galvanized steel screws.

Normally, a deck repair consists of one or more of the following:

• Replacement of damaged boards
• Replacement of damaged joists, beams, or posts to support the structural framework
• Pouring concrete to secure a deck’s posts
• Repairing popped nails that result from the expansion and contraction of wood
• Protecting deck components from water damage

Who to Call About Fixing Your Deck

If you need further information about repair or installation services, contact a specialist such as Kansas City Remodeling and Handyman Allen today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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