When Would You Need A Social Security Attorney?

When Would You Need A Social Security Attorney?

The Federal Government is responsible for managing a program that can be the financial lifeline for many Americans who have reached the minimum age of retirement as well as those who suffer from a physical or mental disability; this program is Social Security. Rarely would there ever be a problem when the individual is applying for his or her retirement benefits, unfortunately the same cannot be said when the individual is applying for disability benefits. A Social Security attorney in Rockford is a legal professional that helps those who are about to apply or have applied for benefits only to see their application denied.

Those who have not yet reached the age of retirement and they can prove beyond doubt that they are physically or mentally disabled that impacts their ability to work and earn a living may be eligible for SSDI (Social Security disability insurance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income). The amount of monthly SSDI payment is dependent on a number of rules, one of which is the number of work credits the applicant has which are directly related to the number of years employed. When the application is first made it must be supported by evidence that the applicant has the required number of work credits and that the disability is one which is recognized by the administration. Those who do not meet the criteria established for SSDI are often eligible for SSI which provides a small fixed income.

With the complexity of Social Security very few applicants for disability would have enough in-depth knowledge of the system to know if they are eligible or not. Even when an applicant hires an attorney to assist with the initial application a goodly number are denied. It is after the application has been denied that the value of a Social Security attorney in Rockford is recognized. With an attorney there is a far better chance that the denial of benefits will be overturned when the process moves to an appeal hearing. The chances of having the denial overturned without a knowledgeable attorney are very low.

In many cases the monthly monetary benefit may be the disabled individual’s only source of income so winning the claim for benefits is extremely important. When the disabled applicant wins on appeal thanks to the intervention of a Social Security attorney the chances of becoming destitute and perhaps homeless are far less. As well as receiving financial support the disabled individual may be eligible for medical benefits as long as the disability persists.

When making an application for Social Security Disability benefits the chances of success are far better when you employ a seasoned Social Security attorney in Rockford. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown.