When To Hire a Child Support Lawyer in Dallas

Child support lawyers are family law lawyers that are knowledgeable in laws pertaining to child support. They request payments be made by the noncustodial parent to the partner who has primary custody of the child. These payments are intended to provide for the child’s essential needs. The court system has defined essential needs as food, shelter, clothing, health care, and educational expenses. Many people hire a divorce lawyer, but when should a Child Support Lawyer Dallas be consulted?

First, it’s important to note that not all divorce lawyers handle child support issues. The lawyer may not be up to date on the issues or may be unfamiliar with the court requirements for child support. Depending on the divorce lawyer chosen, it may simply be a necessity to hire a separate attorney for handling child support issues. This could also be the case if the divorce arrangement was a simple affair and custody has already been decided. A child support lawyer can focus on only the remaining issues at hand without opening any resolved matters.

Second, if a divorce has already been settled, and a child support agreement is in place, it may become necessary for one party to contact a Child Support Lawyer Dallas if their financial situation changes. If a parent becomes laid off, files for bankruptcy, or experiences another financial hardship, a child support lawyer can guide them through their options. The lawyer can assist in seeking a child support modification which may include temporarily lowering payments, deferring payments, or seeking a permanent modification of payments through the court.

Lastly, if a custodial parent has been awarded child support payments, but the noncustodial parent is missing or making late payments, it may be time to contact a Child Support Lawyer Dallas. All parents are required by law to financially support their children. If a parent refuses to make payments, they can lose their driver’s license, professional license, or be sentenced to jail time. These actions will not relieve the debt, and the parent will still be responsible for all delinquent payments.

Lee Law Firm Dallas offers assistance in child support related matters. They are knowledgeable and passionate about helping children. If your financial situation has changed or you’re not receiving the child support you’re entitled to, contact a lawyer. No one benefits from a parent struggling to provide for their child. Visit website for more information.

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