What’s for Dinner – All About the Maine Lobster

Visiting a Boston seafood restaurant will score you the finest of cuisines, but if you are like most people, then you are interested in the lobster. As you read over the menu, you will see a lot of options, but you might also have a lot of questions.

What is the Maine Lobster?

Most seafood restaurants will only serve two types of lobster:

     *     Maine Lobster

    *     Rock Lobster

Rock lobsters are also called “spiny lobsters” and are most often sold in the form of a tail. The Maine lobster is a bit more filling, as you can purchase the entire lobster.

Whenever you enter a restaurant that serves seafood, you will see a tank of live lobsters. These are most likely Maine lobsters – the type you think of whenever you imagine a lobster dinner.

Rock lobster is often interchanged with the Maine lobster in seafood recipes, but if you are a seasoned lobster eater, then you will immediately notice that the meat is a bit coarser and dryer. While flavor and texture are an essential part of it, so is location.

Where Can You Find Them?

If you aren’t looking for lobster in your local seafood restaurant, then you would find the Maine lobster on the North Atlantic coast of America. While it is called the Maine lobster, it can be found down the beach and even near Canada.

The Rock lobster, also known as the “California Spiny Lobster,” is often found on the southern Atlantic coast as well as the California coast. Unlike the Maine lobster, the rock lobster only has edible meat within its tail, making for more limited options.

Whichever lobster you prefer, make sure you find a restaurant that understands the preparation and can give you a meal to remember.

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