What You Should Consider When Choosing A Drive Up Storage in York, PA

When it comes to living in an apartment, one of the downsides is the lack of adequate space to store your things. Renting a storage unit is a great way to supplement your lack of space in your apartment, however, there are some things you should consider.

Time Frame

One of the first things you will need to consider when choosing drive up storage in York, PA, is the length of time you will need to store your things. This is because there are some facilities that allow a month to month rental agreement while others will have a minimum requirement.


While many people never give any thought to much more than the price when they are storing items, if you are storing electronics, you will definitely need a unit that is climate controlled. The last thing you want is to store your flat screen television or your computer during the summer months only to find them no longer working. The same goes for furniture, especially vinyl sofas, as they can be destroyed if left in a hot storage unit for too long.


While considering the cost of the unit should go without saying, it is also important that you consider the price along with your needs as well. Although another unit might be cheaper, it also might not have temperature control.

When you are looking for drive up storage in York, PA, you want to also consider the location of the facility, as well as, accessibility. While you may not plan on visiting your unit a few times a week at odd times of the morning, it can still be good to know that you can if you needed to.

A Better Rate Storage provides high-quality storage spaces for short and long-term storage needs in York, PA.

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