What You Can Enjoy with a Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers, FL

Flying by private jet charter can easily be the best way to travel. Here are some of the perks that you can enjoy with a private jet charter in Fort Myers, FL.

Less Time Spent at the Airport
With a private jet charter, you won’t have to go through all the security checks at the airport that you would if you flew commercial. Some airports even allow people who’ve arranged private jet charters to be driven directly to their airplanes without having to set foot inside the airport.

More Attentive Onboard Service
Since it will be just yourself and perhaps a few other people who are flying in your private jet charter, you’ll be able to receive more personalized and attentive service from the onboard flight crew. Meals and drinks will be served to you quicker, and a flight attendant will be able to respond more promptly to any requests you may have.

Nonstop Flight
Most charter aircrafts can fly passengers directly to their destinations without having to make stops along the way. This means that you won’t be stuck at airports during layovers while waiting for your next flight to leave.

More Space
Commercial airplanes often receive low marks for their lack of space. When you fly aboard a private jet charter, you’ll have more legroom to stretch out while sitting. You’ll also be able to get up and move about the cabin easier without feeling so confined.

A private jet charter can be the way to go when it comes to air travel. Arrange your private jet charter in Fort Myers, FL through Elite Jets.

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