What to look for in tarmac maintenance solutions

Did you know that the first recorded reference for tarmac dates back to over 2000 years ago? Ancient Babylon was the first city to have its roads paved with tar. When John Loudon McAdam invented macadamisation this ancient road surfacing method got its modern reincarnation and since then there have been significant developments to make tarmac an integral part of road surfacing projects. Patented by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1901, the modern day application of tarmac is a part and parcel of durable roads and surface areas. If you are looking for tarmac, Cheltenham companies offer the best solutions for your driveways and pathways, and at very reasonable costs.

What is tarmac?

Tarmac is short for tar-penetration macadam or tarmacadam. It is asphalt like bituminous surface material which also includes tar-grouted macadam surfaces. Due to its relative low cost and durable nature it is considered a practical choice for most public road surfaces, parking lots as well as for large residential estates. It is seen in abundance all over UK, Northern Europe as well as North America. Areas which suffer from harsh weather conditions find it easier to manage with tarmac surfaces. But even the most durable of all surfaces can suffer from damage and disrepair when subjected to the elements day in and day out. It is therefore essential to maintain them regularly. For professional maintenance of tarmac in Cheltenham companies ensure that severe damage or accidents are prevented at all times.

The effect of weather conditions

Weather conditions combined with general wear and tear first takes its toll on the look and then on the quality of the surface itself. The first laying down of tarmac is on a bed of resins which is basically the glue that holds all the components of the entire surface together. This glue combines with other materials and pigments to form the bituminous cement which is more commonly known as the tarmac. Over time the glue dries out and loosens its hold on the other materials. This eventually leads to breakage and separation causing the surface to crack. If not taken care of in time these small cracks may lead to larger fissures making your road surface or driveway more prone to accidents.

When it comes to maintaining tarmac, Cheltenham professionals conduct a thorough survey of the entire area and not just the affected portions. For chances are, that if it has happened in one area then other parts could also be affected. Preventive maintenance is a big job and if professionally handled can lead to your driveways or any public area function more effectively for years. They will work on the surface and restore it to its original condition in no time at all. The repair may cost a bit at the time but in the long term it is a more cost effective solution than letting the damage get the better of you.


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