What To Look For In A Prototype Machining Service

There are several stages or steps in the development of any type of product. The initial stages of design and development are critical, but so is the prototyping step. For OEMs partnering with a top company offering prototype machining services, there are several benefits over and above the machining to consider.

Certifications and Experience

Experience goes hand in hand with certification, particularly when it comes to ISO 9001 certification. Companies with this voluntary certification are committed to the highest quality production standards to meet the needs of their customers. They are also committed to quality control throughout production, which increases precision work and decreases waste and defects.

Typically, these types of prototype machining services work in very specialized industries as well as provide machining for general types of requirements. Certification is usually required for work in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and medical device production fields.

Prototyping Services

Not all machining companies complete prototyping work. Some only serve customers with specific volume orders as they are simply not set up to prototype in small numbers.

On the other hand, some prototyping services do not provide production levels, which creates an additional need for the OEM to work with both a prototyping service as well as a production and precision machine shop.

Look for a company offering prototype machining that goes above the basics. Some companies are able to work closely with the OEM to develop the lowest possible production methods. This can include slight modifications to the design that allows for stronger and more durable parts, lower cost of production as well as a range of value-added services.

Value-added services such as deburring, engraving, welding, and assembly services are often a key factor in selecting a machine shop. Comparing different services offered by machining companies provides a clear picture to OEMs for the possible options.

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