What to Look For In A Heating Contractor in Portland OR

When you are stuck in a cold house and need a heating contractor in Portland OR, you will have a wide variety of companies to choose from. Because Portland’s winters are always pretty brutal, contractors know that HVAC work is a lucrative field and many go through additional training to do HVAC installation and repair work. So how can you find the best heating contractor in Portland OR. Here are some tips to guide you on your search.

First, don’t just pick a random contractor out of the phone book. Take time to contact several before you make a decision on which you want to hire. It would be best to interview each one to find out prices and also who has the best knowledge about your individual heating system. When you are interviewing potential contractors, also ask for a bid on the repair work. This allows you to compare prices and select a contractor that is within your budget.

Second, make sure you select a heating contractor in Portland OR that has a good reputation. Ask for a list of previous clients and contact them. Ask if they were happy with the contractor’s work and if it was done in a timely fashion. You could also talk to friends or acquaintances to get a recommendation. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get information about anyone you would consider hiring to perform a service.

Third, find out how long the heating contractor in Portland OR has been in business. If they have only been in business a few months, you might want to reconsider. If however, the contractor was a friend of the family and was just starting out I would probably give him a chance. Otherwise, it’s best to find an experienced contractor with a proven track record for making fast repairs that last.

You will also want to find a heating contractor in Portland OR that provides you with a load calculation. They will need to come to your house to perform this calculation. This calculation simply lets the contractor know how much heat your home needs. Using this information, they can work with your HVAC system to insure that you have enough power to adequately heat your home’s entire square footage.

Make sure your contractor has the proper license. Being that your heating system is a big part of your comfort, I would not want to risk using a contractor that didn’t have the proper license in case something went wrong with the system. If your contractor didn’t have enough schooling, they may not be able to fix the system if it stopped working properly.

You can also search for a heating contractor through listings with the Better Business Bureau. If the heating contractor is listed with the Better Business Bureau, then they more than likely have a good work history and are loyal and honest. Probably most importantly I would look for a heating contractor that would put everything he has promised me in writing. It is important to be able to fully trust your heating contractor and anyone that does work on your home.

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