What to Know About Hormone Therapy in Sarasota, FL

When you suffer through hormonal imbalances, you may have health problems, such as inflammation, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, sexual dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more. When you suffer from hormone imbalances, you can get hormone therapy in Sarasota, FL, from a provider such as Reveal Vitality.

Types of Hormones

You can break hormones down into three groups, including adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones. Adrenal hormones provide a foundation for maintaining overall health, and sustained elevations of cortisol from chronic stress can lead to central obesity, insulin resistance, and more. Thyroid dysfunction can also be caused by stress and high levels of cortisol. Your sex hormones are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and they often become imbalanced during menopause. Hormone therapy in Sarasota, FL, is designed to restore balance to your hormones through lifestyle changes and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

How They Help

When you go to a wellness center for hormone therapy in Sarasota, FL, they will start by discussing your symptoms. They will ask you if you are experiencing foggy thinking, sleeplessness, muscle loss, low energy, decreased libido, or anxiety and depression. Then, you may have a laboratory evaluation, which could be bloodwork, salivary, or urine testing. The professionals will help you by addressing nutritional balance, exercise, detoxification, and removal of any potential toxins. They will also help you with stress management techniques and hormone replacement therapy when it is needed. This type of therapy has been used safely for many years, and it may help improve your overall health.

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