What To Expect When Going In For A Hearing Test in Baltimore

Millions of people in the United States currently suffer from hearing loss. A lot of these cases have to do with the fact that individuals subject themselves to conditions in which they’ll be exposed to loud sounds. A person may have a job that requires them to be around loud noises, or they may like to listen to extremely loud music. In either case, this constant exposure is unknowingly causing hearing loss. This is why hearing doctors typically recommend patients get their hearing checked every so often. It’s a good way to monitor the condition of your hearing. The following will give you some tips to consider when going in for your own test.

First of all, you should avoid listening to loud noises before your test. It’s important that your hearing is behaving as normal as possible. Make sure you’re not subjecting yourself to any extremely loud noises 24 hours before your test. This means you should avoid listening to a loud TV, and avoid going to a concert with loud music. After listening to loud music, your ears have to recuperate in order to get back to normal. This recuperation time could interfere with the results of the Hearing Test in Baltimore.

When you do begin your hearing test, it’s important that you pay careful attention. The tester will place a set of headphones over your ears, and will begin playing a series of beeps. These beeps will vary in volume so it’s important that you listen very carefully. These tones aren’t as easy to pick up as some might think. Make sure that you stay focused and that you avoid distractions while listening.

The individual administering the test will ask you to politely respond whenever you hear one of the beeps. They will generally ask that you raise your hand to indicate you heard something. You should raise your right or left hand to indicate a beep in either the right or left ear. Raise both hands if the beeps simultaneously occur.

For further advice you should speak with a Hearing Specialty Group. Talk with professionals so that you can schedule a hearing exam today. Try and have your hearing checked at least once a year in order to monitor any hearing loss.

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