What To Expect From A Local Family Dentist In Salisbury, NC

In North Carolina, dental professionals provide beneficial services for the entire family. Comprehensive dental services improve oral health and protect the teeth and gums. Dental professionals start pediatric services at one year of age and offer services for all family members of all ages. They offer general and cosmetic options for improving and protecting the smile. A local family dentist in Salisbury NC offers exceptional services for everyone.

Complete Dental Exams Every Year

The dental professionals perform annual dental examinations and determine if the patient has any existing damage or issues. X-rays are completed to review any underlying damage or other conditions below the gum line. The dentist monitors any existing issues and provides the appropriate treatment.

Keeping the Teeth Cleaner

All patients receive two cleanings a year through their dental insurance plans. The procedure eliminates all common substances, such as plaque and tartar. The hygienist cleans the teeth with specialized tools and polishes the teeth after the cleaning. If the hygienist finds any issues, the problems are reported to the dentist directly.

Age-Based Dental Services

Age-based dental services are available for the entire family. The services address the individualized dental needs for the patients according to common conditions that arise due to their age. The services range between pediatric and geriatric. Specialty services are offered for older patients who have discolored teeth, and dentists offer fluoride treatments and dental bonding for children.

Correcting the Alignment

Correcting the alignment of the teeth lowers common risks and improves the way the teeth look. The dental professionals offer traditional metal, ceramic, and Invisalign braces to correct the alignment. The dentist explains all requirements for installing traditional braces or the removable Invisalign braces. Patients with a slight alignment issue have the option to get veneers to correct it easily.

In North Carolina, dental professionals offer complete dental exams every year. Cleanings are performed twice a year to eliminate bacteria and debris from the teeth and gums. The dentists offer dental repairs and reconstruction when necessary. Patients who want to learn more about the services offered by a family dentist in Salisbury NC contact a practice directly or browse our website for further details now.

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