What to Do When You Need A Drug Charge Lawyer in Lakeland, FL

Dealing with any kind of criminal charge can be a very serious and scary matter. However, when it comes to dealing with certain charges, such as drugs, these types of cases should definitely be handled by an experienced attorney. If you have a loved one who is facing any type of drug charges and are unsure of what to do next, here are some tips that can help you understand what to expect.

Getting Bail

The first thing that will happen in a criminal case is that the defendant will need to be arraigned and a bond must be either set or denied. The arraignment will be the formal reading of the charges and is something that you don’t necessarily have to attend. However, when it comes to the bond hearing, it is important that the judge sees that the defendant has some support.

Posting Bail

Depending on the type of bond that is set, you may need to put up some money in order to have your loved one released. While you are calling around for bail bondsmen, this is also a good time to see about retaining a drug charge lawyer in Lakeland, FL, as well.

After Release

Once you have paid the bond, it is important that your loved one shows up for all scheduled court dates, otherwise, their bond will be revoked. Once a bond is revoked, they will be remanded into custody until their case is brought to trial or settled through a plea agreement.

While your loved one may be able to receive a court-appointed attorney, drug charges are very serious and should be handled by an experienced lawyer. When looking for a drug charge lawyer in Lakeland, FL, you want to choose someone who not only has lots of experience in this area but also has lots of wins.

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