What to Do When Getting Penny Gold Stocks

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Business And Finance

The world of penny gold stocks is interesting for you to get into. These stocks are cheap and easy to afford. There are also a few risks that you need to be aware of if you want to find a good stock though. Here are some of the best things to think about when getting stocks like these for your investment needs.

Mines Being Used

Many gold companies that have these stocks are involved with a large variety of different gold mining procedures from all points of the world. There are many gold stocks companies, which are listed as NUG on the TSX Venture Exchange and have been working with a number of mining operations in the northern part of Nevada. This is an example of how a company with a penny stock could be active in a mining procedure.

Other Functions

Sometimes penny gold stocks relate to some of the more specific functions of gold mining. Midway Gold Corp., which is MDW on the AMEX, is a penny stock that focuses more on the exploration procedures involved with finding gold. This is often used to help with finding new ways to mine gold. It is not as intensive as what companies that actually mine items might do but it can still be an effective procedure to find.

Values are Affordable

You may find some decent values that come with some of these stocks depending on what you are getting. There are companies that have stocks which are worth about twenty cents a share. This should make it so you can buy something on the cheap and enjoy what you are investing in. It’s a great deal that allows you to enter the stock market.

Rates are Volatile

You should be aware of how the risk that comes with penny stocks is still strong. Sometimes a penny stock could experience some very dramatic changes in its value. One such example of this is Minco Gold, a company listed as MGH on the AMEX. The company has a stock that is about fifty cents per share at this as of June 2012. However, that stock was originally at two dollars a share at one point in the past year.

The number of shares that are involved in a transaction could also be a factor. The cheap values of stocks like these make it so people could invest in more shares at a given time. This could also influence the values of the shares after a while. For example, Claude Resources, which is CGR on the AMEX, has 170 million shares to trade. The average volume for that stock is around 25,000. The potential for a person to buy more shares than that can be strong considering how the stock is less than a dollar per share.

Penny gold stocks can be interesting but you have to be careful when doing so. You should be aware of not only the kind of stock you are getting and the functions from a business that the stock is linked to but also how the values can change after a while. The impact of penny stocks is too great to ignore in today’s market.

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