What to Consider When Deciding on a Roommate

If you want to live off campus, you may need a roommate. You may not have the financial circumstances to enjoy your own apartment at this point in your life. Even if finances were not an issue, you may simply like the idea of living with someone else. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a roommate with whom you can share off campus housing near Western Michigan University.

The first person who you may consider having as a roommate may be your best friend. If you are both going to school together, this may be an easy decision. However, before you make that choice, it is good to know that just because someone is your best friend does not mean they will make a good roommate.

A good roommate is someone who has similar values and who shares similar thoughts on things like cleanliness, money, and noise. While you may have a great time with friends when you are out enjoying recreation, this does not mean that those same friends share similar ideas about having guests over to the house, keeping the apartment clean, or focusing on studying instead of just having a good time.

Before moving in off campus housing near Western Michigan University with a roommate, outline an agreement that you can both live with. This agreement should state who will pay the bills, when guests can visit, and other details.

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