What Services Are Available Through A Dentist In Amarillo?

In Texas, dental professionals perform a variety of services to correct damage and improve the smile. The services range from general to cosmetic dentistry. The dentists offer standard services, such as cleanings and exams. A local dentist in Amarillo explains all service available to their patients.

Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric dental services help children learn about dental care and hygiene. The dental professionals show the kids how to brush and floss their teeth. The children’s teeth are examined for any damage and cavities. The dentists perform repairs when damage is found. Children receive treats when they have a great checkup. Sedation dentistry is available for pediatric patients who have anxiety.

Periodontal Disease Treatments

Periodontal disease treatments start with scaling and planing for removing damaged gum tissue. The process allows the dental hygienist to remove bacteria and debris from gum pockets that develop due to the disease. When necessary, damaged teeth are extracted. The gum disease causes the teeth to become loose and become dislodged, too.

Correcting Common Damage

Dental professionals correct common damage through several techniques. Dental bonding is used to correct damage and reconstruct the tooth. Fillings are used to correct cavities and restore the damaged teeth. Crowns are installed over the tooth and provides additional protection after repairs. Veneers are used to correct misshapen teeth and correct a slight alignment issue.

Emergency Dental Services

Emergencies occur at any time and require the dentist to correct unwanted conditions and eliminate pain. Dislodged teeth require fast services to reposition them in the mouth. Sudden accidents are the most common cause of a dislodged tooth. Patients are advised to place the tooth in a cup of milk until they can get to the dental office. A local dentist in Amarillo also offers general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to restore and maintain your dental health.

In Texas, dental professionals provide pediatric dental services starting at one year of age. Periodontal services are performed to lessen the effects of gum disease. Dental professionals complete common repairs for damage, including cavities and dislodged teeth. Emergency services are available after hours to treat pain or sudden tooth damage. Patients who want to learn more about services offered by a dentist in Amarillo contact Panhandle Dental.

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