What Kinds of Companies Require Abrasive Blasting Supplies?

Any company or organization that creates or maintains parts or products that require a thorough cleaning of the surface, the removal of imperfections like rust or stains or old paint, a smooth finish before applying paint or powder coating, the elimination of possible contaminants, or the addition of a specific texture to a surface is a candidate for requiring abrasive blasting supplies.

What are abrasive blasting supplies?
Abrasive blasting supplies vary greatly because they can be made up of all different types of materials and also vary depending on what needs to be done and on what type of surface. Common abrasive blasting today is made up of:

• Glass
• Plastic
• Acrylic
• Steel Shot

Industries that use abrasive blasting supplies
Those who most need abrasive blasting supplies are usually those that create products from aircrafts to boats that require maintenance.

From that, you can deduce what sorts of industries may need abrasive blasting supplies, but examples may include:

• Aviation
• Marine
• Automotive
• Metal Working
• Medical
• Restoration

Of course, there are many more. But this should give you a good idea as to the requirement of abrasive blasting supplies, how you can use them, and what sorts of industries are blast abrasive media.

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