What is Satin?

Satin is a weave that makes for a glossy fabric. Satin is normally produced from silk but it can also be produced using nylon, acetate, rayon or polyester. Although the word “satin” is a production method it is used extensively to describe the fabric rather than the method of production.

The weave is specific:

A fabric must be woven in a specific manner to be called satin. The material has a minimum of four threads that float on the surface of a single thread which runs perpendicular to them. The top threads are called warp threads and the thread that runs horizontally is called a weft thread. This production method allows large areas of thread to reflect the available light; this is what gives the fabric shiny appearance. personalized double face satin ribbon is made with two sets of warp threads which gives the ribbon a shiny look on both sides.

The types of satin:

Bearing in mind that satin is the production method and not the material, fabrics made with this weave or a variation of it along with different thread can vary considerably in texture as well as appearance. As an example, fabric which is made with silk and rayon is called duchesse satin. It is also possible to produce a fabric with different weaves on the front and the back; Canton satin has a crepe weave on the reverse side, slipper satin has cotton on the back side. Ciré satin is finished with a coat of wax which makes it doubly shiny and stiff, ideal fabrics for personalized double face satin ribbon


Satin fabrics are used in a wide array of products; one of the most popular uses is to produce formal dresses, lingerie and high end sheets and bedding. Satin weave products that are produced using synthetic threads are used as a backing for velvet and wool which eliminates the need for a slip or undershirt to be worn between the fabric and the body. The same material is used in the manufacture of formal shoes which are dyed to match the rest of the outfit; this is the case when arranging an outfit for a formal occasion such as a wedding or prom. The same fabric is used in ballet slippers and of course, personalized double face satin ribbon.

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