What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance in Seminole County is a service that is offered to those whose vehicle has broken down or had any type of mechanical failure while driving. In many cases roadside assistance is part of a full coverage automobile insurance policy although it is also readily available through independent companies such as American Automobile Association (AAA). It is also a perk which is offered to those who purchase a new car and in some cases it can be integral with a credit card.

Emergency roadside assistance can attend to many problems that can be encountered on the road; these can be flat tires, finding yourself locked out of your car, out of fuel, dead battery or one of a host of mechanical failures. When these types of problems happen, roadside assistance in Seminole County will be sent to your vehicle to assist in looking after the problem. The aid that they can give on the roadside is dependent on the magnitude of the problem, in some cases the vehicle may have to be towed to a repair facility.

If the driver of a car experiences a flat tire and he has a roadside assistance plan then with one phone call he or she can expect a contractor to appear and change the tire. If the spare tire is flat or there is not a spare at all the roadside assistance contractor will take the owner of the vehicle and the flat tire to a facility and have it repaired or replaced. The cost of the repair or replacement is not borne by the company; these costs are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

When keys are inadvertently locked in the car the roadside assistance contractor can retrieve them. The tools that are used to gain entry to the vehicle are approved by the vehicle manufacturer. In the event the driver has lost the keys, a roadside assistance package will dispatch a locksmith to re-key the vehicle, the cost of the new keys and the locksmith will be covered by the owner of the car.

It may be a little different if the car suffers from some type of mechanical failure. In these emergency cases roadside assistance in Seminole County will include the dispatch of a tow truck to take the car and the owner to a repair facility. The driver does not have to pay for the tow, this is part of the coverage but he or she will have to pay for any parts and labor used in the repair.

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