What Is Involved with Teeth Cleaning?

Whether you’re in search of a new dentist, or you’re concerned about your next checkup, it pays to know what is involved with teeth cleaning in North Hollywood. While all dentists vary to some extent, most offer similar services when it comes to cleaning and general preventative dentistry.

An Overview of the Cleaning Process

Once you arrive at the office for your teeth cleaning in North Hollywood, you’ll be ushered back to the exam room. Here, you will go through a physical examination, usually performed by a dental hygienist, although the dentist may do this as well. This exam is important for spotting signs of decay and damage, potential cavities, and signs of gum disease. If there are problems noted during the exam, the hygienist will confer with the dentist. If the dentist is performing the exam, you’ll discuss your options.

Next up is the actual cleaning itself. Again, this is usually performed by a dental hygienist. He or she will use a small mirror, and a selection of manual tools for removing plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. You will hear scraping and may feel vibrations from the hygienist’s tools, but there will be no pain, and this is normal.

After the tartar and plaque have been removed, you’ll have your teeth brushed with a grit paste formulation. The hygienist will use an electric brush to deep clean your teeth and further remove tartar.

The final two steps of your teeth cleaning will involve rinsing your mouth out with fluoride to clear away any debris left behind, and then applying the final fluoride treatment to help protect your teeth for the next few months.

Depending on the situation, the particular dentist you’re working with, and any other issues you might be experiencing with your teeth, you may also have x-rays taken (particularly if this is your first visit with a new dentist). Additional examinations may also be necessary depending on what is observed in your mouth during the initial exam and the rest of the cleaning. The dentist may also discuss further treatment options with you to help you achieve the bright, white, bold smile that you want and deserve.

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