What is custom furniture?

When you walk into a furniture store, no matter how beautiful the furniture is or what’s on the price tag, what you are looking at is not custom furniture in Houston, what you are seeing is massed produced furniture that can be purchased in many stores. Custom furniture on the other hand is that which is made in exact conformance to the design and spec as given to the furniture maker by the customer.

Any type of furniture can be custom designed and made; tables, beds, dressers, china closets, etc. There is virtually no limit as to what can be made; all it takes is imagination as well as basic decisions such as the material, the color or fabric.

The key to beautiful custom furniture in Houston is the furniture maker. Many of the better custom furniture makers have developed an enviable reputation in the area and they are not difficult to find. Often the furniture maker will have an established showroom where examples of what can be made are on display. Once you track down the prospective maker you will be able to see representative samples of the work they do, in some cases these furniture makers specialize in certain types of furniture or furniture from certain periods or even furniture made from certain material.

It usually takes two or three meetings with the prospective furniture maker to go over in detail the specifics of the design and all the features that the customer has in mind. It is very important that the furniture maker and the customer are on the same page as custom furniture in Houston can be quite costly and it needs to be right the first time.

In almost every case custom made furniture uses the finest materials available. Custom furniture is usually manufactured from fine hardwoods but much of it can also be made by artisans who work in metal. Rarely would custom furniture be produced using inexpensive material such as chip board or plastic.

There are a number of advantages to having furniture custom made including size. Often the design of a home includes rooms with little nooks or odd angles; it is these spaces that rarely can accommodate an “off the floor” piece of furniture. Custom furniture can be built to accommodate homeowners who may be wheelchair bound or have another physical limitation which makes it necessary to have tables at a lower height for example.

Because custom furniture in Houston opens up so many options it is always a good idea to ask the maker for his or her recommendations and ideas based on their past experiences.

Custom furniture in Houston can add immeasurably to the beauty of a home. Whether it’s an extra long bed or unique office furniture it can all be done to your specifications when you put your trust in Home Accents by Jann Wisdom Designs.

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