What Is a Water Main Break?

Water mains are the pipelines that supply water to homes and businesses within towns and cities. If your town experiences a water main break in Falls Church, VA, the situation might quickly become messy and inconvenient and may require professional assistance to resolve. Here are some of the main hazards that could lead to a water main break.

Extreme Temperatures

Harsh or extreme weather conditions may be among the most common culprits that contribute to water main breaks. Severe cold snaps might be especially prone to causing trouble with major water pipes. When the ground stays below freezing for an extended period of time, the water in buried pipelines may also freeze, potentially cracking or breaking pipes. In some cases, long stretches of extreme heat might also contribute to water main problems.

Soil Erosion

Long-term erosion in the surrounding soil could potentially be another common cause of a water main break. Potential sources of this erosion might include nearby construction projects, as well as any previous leaks that may have swept away significant quantities of soil around the pipes.

Pipe Problems

Sometimes, the problem might stem from the pipeline itself. If the pipes are old, if they were constructed from a non-durable material, or if they have become brittle or corroded, they may sometimes spontaneously break with very little warning. In nearly any case of water main damage, choosing to immediately consult a professional plumbing service will be the best course of action. Experienced plumbers can generally resolve the issue while helping lessen the likelihood that it will recur in the future.

The Nature of a Water Main

A town’s water main will generally be its primary pipeline through which homes and business are supplied with running water. A water main break in Falls Church, VA might occur due to problems such as soil erosion, extreme weather, or faulty or damaged pipes. Professional plumbers may be able to handle the problem in an expedient and long-lasting manner.

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