What is a sewer clean-out?

Wherever water is used and then disposed of in the home, it eventually finds its way to the sewer. Every sink in the kitchen and baths, the toilets, tubs, showers, washing machines, etc all travel through the waste piping in the house and collect at a common drain where it all heads for the septic system or the municipal sanitary sewer system. Plumbers in Monrovia, CA know that there can be clogs and blockages in any of the individual drains or even the main drain.

Usually any blockage in a sink, toilet, etc is approached from within the house through the fixture. There are numerous ways to clean the clog, anything from chemicals to having the drain professional rooted with a power plumbers snake. This is not the case when the main drain is blocked, in most cases the work of unblocking has to be performed from the outside.

Although the main drain can be approached from the basement in some homes, in many cases the drain is accessible from a clean-out point which is located on the property line. Any clogs in this sewer are must be attended to by the homeowner as it is his or her responsibility. Beyond the clean-out, any blockage is the responsibility of the municipality.

Every home owner should know the main sewer clean-out in Monrovia, CA immediately around it should be kept clear so they are easily accessed. If there is a blockage in the main drain, any water that is discharged from any of the plumbing fixtures in the house will have nowhere to go and it will back up and often spill over.

Although it is possible for the homeowner to open the clean-out, it is rarely possible to reach the clog without the proper tools and equipment, for this it is usually best to call the plumbers in Monrovia, CA. They use a device which consists of a long coil of cable which has a cutting head on the end which is inserted. As the coil turns the head proceeds up the pipe, chewing its way through the clog which often can be tree roots that have entered the pipe in search of water. In some cases, if this doesn’t work, professional plumbers will run a small camera down the line to identify the area which in turn can be excavated and repaired.

If you need professional plumbers in Monrovia, CA to clean your main drain or to accomplish any other plumbing job you are invited to call Century Rooter Service & Plumbing.

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