What is a civil litigation attorney?

Civil litigation attorneys in Charlotte NC are trial attorneys who deal with civil rather than criminal cases. A civil litigation attorney is one who focuses on representing clients in a court of law. This attorney can either represent a client who wishes to pursue a civil case by filing a lawsuit or represent a client who is answering the suit and making a counter claim. A civil litigation attorney must have important skills to be effective.

Civil law is very far reaching. Civil Litigation Attorney Charlotte NC can represent clients with a broad range of needs, from business and property disputes to personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, vehicle accidents, etc.

For civil litigation attorneys to provide their clients the best representation they must completely understand the substantive law that applies to their client’s case. They must also have a thorough knowledge of the rules of procedure, rules of evidence and local court rules that apply to the case.

A civil litigation attorney must also be a master of persuasion. This means first and foremost being prepared to try the case and present it in a way that a jury or judge who has no prior knowledge of the facts can understand. The goal is to present the facts in such a way that the judge or jury will see those facts in the same light as the client. Often this is not easy, especially in tragic cases.

Trials in civil cases are often complex. They can involve the testimony of many witnesses and complicated evidence in areas such as science, engineering, medicine, finance and business. Many times expert witnesses testify in civil cases. Often doctors, engineers, scientists, economists, computer scientists, information technology experts and Phd’s in various fields are called to aid the jury or the judge in deciding the case. A civil litigation attorney must be able to understand the opinions of these experts and present their testimony in a way that the jury or judge can also understand.

If you think you have a case involving civil litigation, you should contact Conrad Trosch & Kemmy. Keep in mind that there are deadlines for taking any civil legal action. You should therefore contact civil litigation lawyer in Charlotte NC right away to avoid losing your rights.

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