What Happens In Drug Court?

Offenders fighting criminal drug charges have a better chance of getting into drug court when working with lawyers in Cincinnati, Ohio than offenders who don’t. An attorney who specializes in drug cases knows how to build a case to help the court see that their client is better off receiving treatment than sitting jail. The purpose of drug court is to help rehabilitate offenders and prevent lengthy jail stays. It’s an alternative to costly prison punishments and is more effective at rehabilitating drug users than using prison as the only form of punishment. If you’re currently fighting a criminal drug charge and wish to avoid jail time, consider working with an attorney who can get you a judgment from the Ohio drug court.

Going Before the Judge

Offenders who enter drug court go before a judge, just like in regular court. Instead of being sentenced to jail time, the judge determines the best course of treatment for the offender. Lawyers in Cincinnati, Ohio know how to negotiate with the judge and will teach clients how to best present themselves in front of the judge. There are drug courts for both adults and juveniles, so minors will go before a judge in an age-appropriate setting with other juveniles. Common drug court charges include possession and distribution.

Types of Alternative Treatments

Many offenders end up with strict probation requirements. Instead of going to jail, offenders return home and try to become productive citizens. Many offenders are allowed to seek employment, receive an education, and visit with their children during court ordered visitations. During this time, the offender appears regularly in front of the judge to prove sobriety and productivity.

If the offender fails a drug test, he or she will need to rectify the situation in front of the judge to avoid going to jail. Some offenders may have court ordered community service or drug counseling in order to remain out of jail. Lawyers in Cincinnati, Ohio can work with you to make sure you stay on the right track and make all of your court appearances. If you’re currently fighting drug charges, it’s a good idea to retain an attorney so that you can take advantage of the alternative punishments offered by the drug courts.

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