What Exactly is Corporate Law?

If you’ve heard the term corporate law, you are likely baffled at its meaning. To some, it may mean that the law firm itself is a corporation. To others, it signifies that the firm practices some sort of business law. In this case, the latter is true. Corporate law deals with the laws and regulations that govern large corporations. Every corporation needs to follow certain regulations to remain in business. A corporate law firm Mercer Island helps by keeping corporations operating in accordance with the law.

Why Do We Have Laws for Corporations?

The main reason for corporate law is to make sure these entities are fair and ethical. Although the laws might seem strict, they intend to help businesses. In a sense, the legal framework makes it simpler for a business to operate on a day to day basis. This is because the rules are clearly laid out for everyone. One main benefit of these rules is that they make corporate actions predictable. This establishes trust with the public and with competing organizations.

The Basis for Corporate Law

Corporate law is civil in nature. This means that civil courts are responsible for the legal matters that arise. It’s not uncommon for corporate law to tread into the world of criminal law. Some actions by corporate officers can actually qualify as crimes. However, most corporate actions are civil matters that deal with money damages.

Areas of Corporate Law

There are a few common issues that arise in corporate law. A corporate law firm Mercer Island usually deals with issues such as limited liability. This legal concept separates the owners of the company from the entity. This means that a successful lawsuit will only touch the assets of the company, not those of the owner. Yet, in rare cases, an owner may be liable for certain actions.

Corporate case also cover a few more areas. A corporate lawyer may represent a company in a dispute over share transfers, board of director disputes or investor demands. In fact, there are a wide range of issues that could arise in the average case.
Getting Help With Corporate Law

Corporate law is complex. As such, it shouldn’t be viewed lightly. A company is best protected when they hire a corporate lawyer. Doing so protects the integrity of the corporation and the value of its assets.

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