What does a kid’s dentist do?

A kid’s dentist in Suffolk County NY is one which cares for the dental needs of kid’s all the way from when they first start cutting teeth through their late teens and early twenties. Dentists who elect to work with young patients teach them the proper way to look after their teeth, lessons which stay with them throughout life. These dentists are also trained to diagnose a variety of conditions which can affect the teeth, gums and oral cavity of youngsters and treat them. Most kid’s dentists have a true love for youngsters; they are very patient and understand that going to a dentist can be quite frightening for a younger person.

Although the age when a child should start seeing a dentist on a regular basis does vary, may parents will take their kids when their baby teeth begin to erupt. The initial reason for these dental visits is simple checkups and cleanings. It is after the dentist has finished that he or she will spend some extra time with the little patient explaining the proper way to clean the teeth and tongue. As the child gets a little older the dentist will introduce flossing.

The kid’s dentist in Suffolk County will use X-Rays as a common part of the dental examination. X-Rays play an important role for a kid’s dentist, the dentist can quickly analyze the overall health of the teeth, jaw and gums, the dentist will be in a position to account for all the teeth, both those that have erupted and that have no yet cut through the gums. X-Rays are important as the dentist can evaluate the way the teeth are aligned giving him or her advanced warning of potential orthodontic care in the future.

One of the main differences in a kid’s dentist is the way the office is designed and the facilities. Most offices will have a play area with plenty of toys and games available, the dental treatment rooms will be bright and colorful and most of them are fitted with a video display so the kid’s can watch their favorite cartoon.

As the child matures the dental treatment and care changes, the kid’s dentist will start to see cavities which will be attended to. If the little patient has a severely decayed tooth it will have to be extracted. The kid’s dentist in Suffolk County will also provide fluoride treatments as a preventative measure against cavities.

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