What Do Dentists View as Emergency Concerns in Oral Health Care?

When there is an oral health issue during normal business hours, a dentist is ready to resolve the issue promptly. What happens when oral health issues occur outside normal business hours? What constitutes an emergency?

What is Emergency Dental Care?
Any sudden situation that requires immediate oral health care constitutes as emergency dental care. All dental offices should have instructions for oral health emergencies. There should be an emergency dentist in Chicago who specializes in urgent dental procedures and resolutions. If a dental office isn’t available to answer pressing matters, go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital immediately.

Dental Emergencies, According to Dentists
Not all oral health issues qualify as an emergency according to dentists. These are the dire situations where emergency dental care is urgent.

  • Knocked out or dislodged teeth caused by sports accidents, driving accidents, person-to-person combat, falling, chewing ice, or biting hard foods
  • Sharp, throbbing, severe, and/or persistent dental tooth, jaw, tongue, lip, or gum pain (toothache, mouth sore, fractures, etc.)
  • A mouth swelling with pain (abscess) or swelling in the mouth without pain
  • Aesthetic emergencies (cracked or chipped teeth, complications with dental work, hard-to-remove/dislodged teeth, issues with braces, etc.)
  • Lost filling
  • Patients on blood-thinning medication experiencing bleeding in the mouth
  • Bleeding in the mouth due to soft tissue injury

Regardless, any pressing matter listed or not requires immediate solutions. If it doesn’t qualify for immediate service, don’t give up. Try to relieve the pain. Keep any broken or missing teeth until you receive treatment. Visit an emergency dentist in Chicago the next day.

Help With Dental Emergencies
Oral health concerns don’t have a timetable. It just arises. So, when an emergency strikes, Chicago Dental Arts can help. For more information, visit our website for dental emergencies in Chicago, IL.

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