What Can You Expect When the Dentist in Spring Says You Need a Root Canal?

When you see your dentist for an appointment because of problems with your tooth, you do not want to hear you need a root canal. Most people get a little nervous over this procedure, largely because they do not understand what happens. If you have heard horror stories about root canals, you need not fear. Most people experience little discomfort, comparable to that felt in having a cavity filled.


The Dentist In Spring will work to provide you with Gentle Dental Care so you do not have to feel nervous about experiencing pain. During your root canal, you will be completely numbed so you will only feel mild pressure. You should feel no pain at all throughout the procedure and for a couple of hours after.

Root canals are performed on teeth that are severely infected or decayed. This procedure works to clear the inner portions of the tooth and remove the nerve. This is done so no diseased tooth tissue is left behind. With the nerve being removed, you should no longer have pain from the tooth, while still being able to enjoy full function.
In a root canal procedure, the Dentist In Spring will first create an opening at the top of your tooth. The opening allows the dentist to be able to see inside your tooth so the soft tissues can be easily removed. Once the inside of your tooth has been removed, canal files are used.

Canal files are special tools that allow the dentist to clean out the roots of your tooth. These files scrape down the inner portion of your root tubes and thoroughly cleans them of any infection or decay. It is important these are cleaned properly so problems in the tooth do not continue.

Once completely cleaned, your tooth will be filled with a special resin material and then sealed so it is completely protected. This helps to prevent any food from entering the tooth and causing decay.

If you are in need of a root canal, there is no reason to panic. Visit texasgentledental.com and allow them to schedule you with an appointment so you can have your dental work done and your smile protected. Click here for more details.

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