What Are Your Options While Selecting New Fences And Gates For Your Home?

by | Oct 15, 2011 | Business And Finance

When you plan the exterior and interior design of your house, it is only natural that you tend to stick to the best options available to you. Keeping in line with your budget constraints, you try to bag th best deals and designs and want your house to stand out in the community it belongs. Just as the design of your house contributes to your status in the society, there are other aspects also that need to be taken care of. One such aspect is the fencing that you have used around your house. As you might have noticed, a carefully chosen fencing system not only protects the house well, but also adds to its grandeur.

Similarly, the gates you have used both in the front and rear entrances also reflect your taste. Remember your guest sees these two aspects of your home as he enters it, and so you need to be extra careful while selecting and installing new gates for your building. What are the different types of gates and fences that you could possibly use to adorn and secure your building premises? Here is a quick look.


There are many fencing companies today that offer complete installation and maintenance services to their clients. Wood fences offer the widest options in styling and therefore are the most sought after. They add a distinct look to the property it is used on and this can suitably enhanced using additions to the original fence design at a later date. Vinyl fences give you the twin advantage of durability and low maintenance that comes as a cost-effective approach to house fencing. In addition you can use chain linked fences and ornamental steel to adorn the perimeter of your home. Pre-cast concrete fences give you more privacy while farming fences are ideal for empty patches of land.


Folding Gates: These are the traditional types of gates that are manually operated and do not involve any electric operation. Repair and replacement of these gates is the simplest and can be quickly completed. You can go for single or double models as the requirement may be. Many use storefront sliding gates at entrances to more private areas of the house for increased security.

Automated Gates: These are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the increased security and efficient specificity provided by the automated mechanism. You could use it to adorn the main entrance of your home as it greatly adds to the social statement that you make with your property.

When choosing fences and gates, Vancouver Washington homeowners must keep these options in mind and go for the models they find befitting their property.


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