What Are the Best Glasses for Solar Eclipse Viewing?

When the moon’s shadow blocks out the sun and the earth darkens, there is a strange feeling in the air. In fact, most people appreciate such a rare event, and they plan ahead so they can do not miss it. Eclipses are like sporting events and best when seen with people you love. However, it is important to look at the sun with special glasses for solar eclipse viewing, but which ones are best? Here are important features to remember to help you find the right viewers.


Nothing is more important than safety. If you do not use the right kind of lenses, you risk causing temporary or permanent damage to your eyes. Your glasses for solar eclipse viewing should effectively block out all (100 percent) of the sun’s harmful UV rays and at least 99.9 percent of all intense visible light.

The Value of ISO and CE Certification

When you choose viewers, which are CE and ISO certified you can trust the products to perform well. ISO is the International Organization of Standards and CE is European Conformity, and it covers the safety of products within the European Economic Area. Both organizations are highly trusted and have rigid standards.

Independent Testing

Most products get testing at the factory. However, results are sometimes biased when a company does their own quality testing. This is why you should consider glasses for solar eclipse viewing which are independently tested. These products get sent to an outside laboratory for testing. The results are completely unbiased, so you get the most accurate results.

Viewers for Organizations

Schools, planetariums, and many other local businesses may wish to sponsor an eclipse event. This is an excellent marketing strategy, and when you choose a supplier offering custom options, your eclipses viewers can display your logo and messages.

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