What Are the Advantages of Using Carbon Steel in Seattle WA?

High carbon steel has been used throughout the vast majority of civilized history. This metal is praised for its high level of strength and hardness so it has become a preferred material for many applications. It is important individuals understand the benefits of using Carbon Steel Seattle WA so they will be able to choose the right metal and application for their needs.

What Is the Carbon Content in Steel?

High carbon steel is a steel that has been mixed with iron and has a carbon content between 0.8% and no greater than 2.11%. Most carbon steel has a carbon percentage of around 1.5%. High carbon steel has a reputation of being superbly hard. With its higher level of carbon, this also makes it brittle.

Although it does tend to be brittle, this metal is ideal for cutting tools, masonry nails, and machine components. It is ideal for press machinery components because of the high degree of strength it possesses. This steel can be used to manufacture drill bits, saw blades, and metal and woodcutting tools.

How Is Carbon Steel Made?

Carbon steel is made from iron and added components of sulfur, manganese, carbon, and phosphorous. Carbon Steel Seattle WA is often referred to as carbon tool steel. The reason for this name is because it is used in many tool applications.

Specialty Metals is a metal fabrication company and distributor that provides superior fabrication services. This metal can be used to create a variety of tool components and machinery add-ons.

They provide metal supplies for projects such as customized lettering, plasma cutting, and carbon cutting. When this metal is used in the manufacturing process, it can offer superior results that provide lasting strength and durability.

Those who are interested in learning more about these services should Specialty Metals. They provide a wide array of services to meet the needs of their customers. Contact them today with any questions you may have. They will help you through the process of choosing the perfect metal to meet your needs. With these services, you will be able to create a wide array of projects.

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