What Are Stainless Steel Kick Plates & Who Needs Them?

Sometimes, when we use trade jargon, it can be difficult to decipher out of context. For example, kick plates are to be found on many motor vehicles and, in this context, the term applies to a decorative, yet protective, trim around the inside of the car doors. Since we all have a tendency to use a foot to push the door open while we are sitting inside, the term does have logic to it.

Doors In General

In violent movies, people do go around kicking in doors but, this is not something that most of us do every day. However, in the jargon of door hardware, you will also find the term kick plate. We have all had an occasion when we struggle to open a door while carrying something in our hands and, what do we do? Just the same as we do in our automobiles – we use one of our feet to push the door open (and, if it has to be closed after we have passed through, a backward movement from a heel should get the job done). There is rarely any hard kicking involved.

However, even gentle pressure from a polished leather shoe can leave unsightly marks on the door. Hopefully, we do not use our feet for opening and closing doors all that often when we are at home and marks on the door should never become a major concern.

Swinging, Self Closing Doors

However, at our places of work, things can be very different. The environment at work does not belong to us, and (usually) we are not responsible for cleaning it. Our function at work is to complete our given tasks as efficiently as possible. Those tasks can include carrying things from one room to another, maybe using both hands and with a requirement to get from one place to another in as short a time as possible. Management will have assisted us to achieve their ends by providing doors that can swing open in both directions and will be self closing. There will probably be a window in the door of sufficient size for us to see if anyone is coming in at the same time as we intend to go out. With this type of door, we are expected to push it open with our feet.

The Door Between Kitchen & Restaurant Dining Area

This is possibly the best known example of a door designed to be opened by foot. Hospital corridor doors would be another one. These doors usually carry heavy traffic and the opening push might well be closer to a kick. Therefore, for both appearance and protection it is standard practice to fix Stainless Steel Kick Plates across the lower portion of the door. These will be on both sides and on both doors if it is a double door. They will be placed at about the right height for a “gentle kick”.

Despite their name, Eagle Mouldings Specialty Aluminum Trims & Extrusions also make Stainless Steel Kick Plates that are sized and drilled to suit your specific door needs.

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