What Are Fake Snow Machines And Who Wants Them?

The term “Fake Snow Machine” is somewhat ambiguous. Do we mean a fake version of those machines that the winter sports resorts use to make real snow whenever nature fails them? Or, do we mean a machine designed to produce fake snow?

Arguably, There Is No Difference

The machines (often known as snow guns or cannons) that the resorts use are expensive and can only be used at very low temperatures so anyone wanting to make snow cheaper and under more pleasant climatic conditions would need to buy fake machine at SnoWonder. Such machines do exist but they do not make real snow. Therefore, you could say that we have a fake machine making fake snow.

Real Snow Can Be Disruptive So Who Needs Fake Snow?

Ask anyone stranded on a remote section of highway during the full height of a winter blizzard what they think of snow and you are not likely to get a pleasant response. But, ask kids in July in Arizona if they would like to play in snow and you will get an overwhelming, “Yes!”

Ask just about anyone what their favorite secular Christmas theme is and the reply will certainly feature snow in some way or another. Santa Clause without snow is a bit like Thanksgiving without turkey no matter which part of the U.S. you live in.

What Type Of Fake Snow Do You Want?

If your requirement is for something lying on the ground that looks like real snow and kids can play in it as though it was real, what you need is something usually referred to SnoWonder for instant fake snow machines. The better quality types of this material take the form of a polymer based powder that expands into realistic looking snow the instant that water is added. This type of fake snow does not require a machine to make it and it can last for days (even weeks under the right conditions).

However, if, after laying your ground cover of fake snow you then wish to complete the picture by having more fake snow falling out of the sky; then, this is where you will need to look for suitable Fake Snow Machines. Unfortunately, at the current time, Instant Snow is not suitable for shooting up into the air and the realistic looking snowflakes shot out of the Fake Snow Machines will evaporate almost as soon as they make contact with the ground. For the best results, you will probably need both types of artificial snow.

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