What Animal Owners Need To Know About Pet Dental Health

For pet owners, the health of their pet is a priority, but it’s often easy to forget about the dental needs of their teeth and gums. Pets can have tooth problems too and many pet owners don’t realize that broken or infected teeth can be very painful for their pets. To make sure that your pet isn’t suffering from any painful dental issues, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian who specializes in Pet Dental Health. The information below will reveal what pet owners should know about dental care for their pets.

Know The Symptoms Of Pet Tooth Problems

When animals have a dental issue they may refuse to eat because they have a painful tooth. Animals may also paw at the side of their face where it hurts. Bad breath odor is evidence of an infected or abscessed tooth, as well as swelling in the jaw. If a pet has bloody saliva, this is caused by a bleeding tooth or gums. Pet owners can look at the front teeth of their pet and if they notice a hard, yellow substance on the teeth, this is plaque buildup. If the pet has red or swollen gums, this is a symptom of gum disease.

Know What To Expect During A Pet Dental Cleaning

As a safeguard to keep the animal still and calm during the dental cleaning, a qualified veterinarian will administer an anesthesia to the pet before starting the procedure. This step is also necessary so the veterinarian can thoroughly clean all the teeth. A veterinarian who specializes in Pet Dental Health will also examine the pet’s teeth and gums to look for any dental issues, such as broken or chipped teeth, loose teeth and gum disease. The veterinarian may also want to take x-rays to view the portion of the animal’s teeth that’s underneath the gumline.

To make sure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums, make an appointment with a caring veterinarian at Business Name. If your pet has a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or mouth trauma, transport the animal to the veterinary hospital as quickly as possible. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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