We Might Need New Homes in Lewes DE

America is full of wonderful cities in which to raise a family. The south offers southern hospitality and a love of football; the west offers a lot of space. However, not many stop to consider some great aspects about the Northeast portion of our country. From New York to Vermont to Connecticut, there are all kinds of experiences and environments to be found. One state that does not get much recognition is Delaware. Within that state is a well-kept secret and it is called Lewes.

Lewes has all sorts of things to offer including many activities, a great house market, convenient location, and pleasant weather.

First of all, the Cape Henlopen State Park is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. It is located by the water, has its own Nature Center and has 155 campsites. The May-Lewes Ferry is a peaceful retreat for those who wish to relax. Lewes Beach is located right there in the city for anyone who is drawn to the water. Furthermore, Lewes is home to the Zwaanendael Museum. This museum is a must-see for all history buffs. It is a picturesque view of Dutch architecture. A movie night can be enjoyed at “The Cinema by the Canal”; combining entertainment with a romantic setting is sure to be a hit! The Winswept Stables is a great option for those with an equine inclination. They offer horseback riding opportunities at this location. One great restaurant recommendation is the Surf Bagel and Deli. It has received great reviews and is a town favorite.

With all of this being said, it seems clear that this is a wonderful place to live. In addition to all of the activities, there are all sorts of New Homes in Lewes DE to choose from. Some builders in the area are Lessard Builders Inc., Russ Palmer Builders, Atlantic Homes, LLC, and Capstone Homes just to name a few.

One other great aspect about Lewes is the location and the weather. It is located right on the water, yet not too far of a drive from mountains and large cities. The weather is mild as well; not too hot and not too cold. Overall, the city has a lot to offer and its quaint feel does not hurt either!


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