Want to Buy a Used Mazda, Find the Right Model in Mokena

Buying a used Mazda is a great way to get a comfortable, reliable vehicle without paying new car prices. The moment you take title to a new car, expect the value to drop by 10 percent; by the end of the first year the car will have lost 30 percent of its original purchase price, and after three years, the value has dropped by 40 percent. This is bad news for the original owner but good news for prudent car buyers in Mokena.

Up to three years, a used Mazda is covered by warranty. For the next two years, the powertrain is covered. Even after the warranty is no longer valid, you can expect more years of faithful service. Recent research indicates that the average age of all vehicles on the roads in the US is over 11 years.

Research First

The advent of the internet changed the whole concept of buying a used car. Now you can fully research different makes and models that you may be considering and get a good idea of the prices in your immediate area. There are many resources available, including automotive magazines and, of course, Mazda dealer websites.

Check Out the Car

Once you have identified a car that suits your needs and budget, it is time to check it out, take it for a test drive, and make sure all the claims made are factual. This is the time to get a vehicle history report; the report confirms such things as mileage, ownership history, reports of any accidents it may have been involved in, and more.

Buying from a Dealer

Paying a little more for a dealership is well worth the small difference. First, the dealer has many cars to choose from; if you try to buy privately, you may have to drive all over town looking for the car that you want. When you buy from a dealer, the car will be spotlessly clean and will have been subjected to an extensive inspection. When you buy from an established dealer, you know that the dealer will do everything to uphold his local reputation.

If you have settled on buying a used Mazda, visit Hawk Mazda of Joliet near Mokena. Visit their website at http://www.hawkmazda.com for the current inventory of great used cars. Follow us on twitter.

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