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by | Jan 15, 2014 | Dentistry

All whitening techniques work, in one way or another. However, you want something that is going to work right the first time around, and work very well at that. When you decide on teeth whitening in Melrose Park, you want to ensure that you choose reputable dentists, products, etc. You will never want to put your oral health at risk to save a few bucks or a little bit of time. It could turn out to be a serious mistake in the end.

Patients with dentin hypersensitivity should seek whitening treatment at a dental clinic. This is because dental professionals can isolate and protect exposed dentin by applying the product only where it is needed. Since this is a very meticulous process, there are required indications. They consist of:

*   Vital bleaching aging
*   Pulp calcification
*   Fluorosis
*   Tetracycline
*   Sensitive teeth
*   Dentin exposure
*   Root exposure
*   CEJ (less than 10% of population)
General contraindications for whitening (vital and non-vital)

There will be cases when a dentist cannot perform whitening due to overall dental health. In these cases, the problems must be prepared first before going forward with the whitening procedure. These contraindications consist of:

*   Dental trauma
*   Root reabsorption
*   Developmental defects of enamel
*   Major enamel loss
*   Cracks or fissures
*   Decay
*   Untreated periodontal disease
*   Pigmentation caused by corrosion of amalgams
*   Composites maladjusted
*   Teeth with large restorations or repeated fillings on the same tooth
*   Very dark teeth
*   Dental abnormal morphology (internal structure can be rare)

Clinical treatment

In-chair treatment takes about 1 hour. Dentists use products that are activated by halogen plasma arc lights that simultaneously activates the teeth that are to be treated. Others are activated through lamp diodes. Everything depends on your dental needs and the decision of the dentist.

Other products are activated by mixing a “base” and a “catalyst.” This process drags on much longer, because it must be performed on a tooth by tooth basis, re-applying the product several times for a total of five minutes per tooth. The procedure is often tedious for both patient and operator.

There are procedures that combine clinical sessions with home whitening. They usually consist of one or two clinical sessions that continue treatment at home. They have the advantage over the pure outpatient methods, because it allows the patient to be in control of their oral health, spending less time in the clinic. For more information about teeth whitening in Melrose Park, contact your local dentist today.

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