Visiting a Pediatric Dentist in Destin, FL for Orthodontic Treatment

Parents are often surprised when their pediatric dentist in Destin, FL first recommends their child see an orthodontist. Although the parent likely realizes there is a problem with the child’s teeth, many are under the assumption that the child needs to reach the teen years before orthodontic treatment begins. This isn’t the case because children as young as the age of seven can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Why is this the case?

A Pediatric dentist in Destin, FL may recommend your child be seen at the age of seven, even if no problems are detected. The reason for this is problems are easier to treat when caught early, before normal growth of the jaw slows down. In certain cases, by receiving early treatment, your child may be able to avoid surgery and/or complications in the future. The reason experts recommend the child be seen at the age of seven is this is when the first molars typically erupt.

When these molars erupt, the orthodontist is able to look at the teeth and see if they line up properly. If they do not, they will determine what type of problem they are looking at, such as an overbite or underbite, crowding of the teeth and jaw discrepancies. Incisors are erupting at this time also which helps to give the orthodontist an idea of what problems may arise in the future.

Although orthodontic treatment may not begin at the age of seven, this is best determined by the specialist. He or she may choose to begin treatment, in an attempt to avoid future problems, or he or she may feel it is best to monitor the teeth over a period of time to see what changes occur. The best treatment plan is one in which the parent, dentist and orthodontist all agree on.

If your dentist recommends your child see an orthodontist, don’t hesitate to call Casi B. Stubbs D.M.D. P.A. Dr. Stubbs offers the latest in treatment options and values each patient as an individual. As a parent herself, Dr. Stubbs understands what parents are going through when they bring their child to the orthodontist and works to alleviate the child’s fears while providing outstanding treatment. Don’t hesitate to call her if you find your child needs orthodontic work at any time.

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