Virtual Sales Coaching

When it comes to virtual sales coaching, The Sales Coaching Institute provides state-of-the-art online sales coaching to a wide range of businesses and companies.
Each online sales coaching program is led by a certified online sales coach skilled in the methods and techniques that are required for you to become successful in sales. The digital sales coach uses platforms such as Google, Zoom and Meet to teach and display digital sales presentations to give you a visual of the steps that are necessary to sell effectively.

Coaches, like sales professionals, have had to take one-on-one sales coaching programs to gain the knowledge required to train others effectively. Some sales coaches are appointed to groups while others provide online one-on-one sales coaching for a more personable approach to learning.

Our coaches are available to help you see what areas you are doing great in and to help you improve in those areas that need more attention. Let’s face it. Selling anything can be tough when you lack the proper tools and training to excel in the market. You apply what you have learned from your sales coach to your active selling. At this point, you are accountable for how the results turn out.
It does not matter what business or company you represent or own, if it involves selling, you need a qualified coach to show you the ropes to keep your business afloat and getting a bigger return on your investment. Doug Dvorak has trained other sales coaches via digital sales keynote and online keynote presentations. Those same trainees have applied what Doug has taught them to their work and have continually grown and honed their skills to be the successful sales coaching professionals they are today.

The Sales Coaching Institute has over 20 years of success in real-world selling, virtual sales training, and sales leadership positions.

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