Vintage Car Parts and Timing Belts in Marysville WA

Many people dream about spending their hours restoring an old car. For some it’s a dream of a father assisting a son restore an old Mustang that will become his first car. For others, it’s spending their retired days restoring their treasured Nova from their youth. While it may be a labor of love, the reality is restoring an old car is a massive undertaking. Finding a talented, dedicated restoration shop with experience in vintage cars can be an invaluable asset. An experienced shop can assist with finding the correct parts and performing numerous tasks such as replacing Timing Belts in Marysville WA.

Replacing Timing Belts in Marysville WA sounds like a simple enough task, however it is extremely labor intensive and for the inexperienced can take over eight hours to complete. To begin, one must locate all the tools they need. These are a torque wrench, a socket set, combination wrenches, a harmonic balance puller, screwdrivers, a timing light, a timing belt cover gasket set, drain pan, and a jack. This list alone may be enough to necessitate contacting a professional.

Next, the old timing belt needs to be removed. This involves disconnecting the battery cable, removing the distributor cap, correctly placing the crankshaft pulley, removing drive belts, lifting the cover off the engine, loosening the timing belt tensioner, holding the bolt tensioner, spinning the tension pulley and finally removing the belt. Once all this has been achieved, one can breathe a sigh of relief, the task is half done. However, half done means there is still several hours of work left. The new belt must be installed correctly and all parts need to be replaced.

An experienced technician can generally complete this series in 3 or 4 hours. This can save time and money for a vintage car owner. If the timing belt is not replaced correctly, it can have potentially disastrous effects on the engine. When putting the time, work, and heart into restoring a vintage car, the last thing one wants to hear is they need to replace more parts because a task was performed incorrectly. A professional technician can assist in selecting the right belt and performing the replacement if necessary. For more information on vintage car parts visit Marysville Speed n’ Custom


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