Viable Applications of Real-Time Drilling Monitoring in Houston, TX

Real Time Drilling Monitoring

Real-time drilling monitoring amplifies drill crews’ abilities in-field. Nevertheless, many teams are unaware of the benefits offered by 360° analysis. Similarly, these technologies provide vital navigational knowledge, improving resource recovery rates. In addition to enhanced recovery, they also decrease the odds of undesired events. From hydraulic fracturing to cementing, anything done on the job can be monitored.

High-Frequency Analytics With Low Latency

Oilfield operations produce large data volume, making accurate analysis cumbersome. However, this technology’s principal benefit is its ability to operate with little lag. Therefore, these flexible solutions enhance team capability without delaying project completion. Drilling plan deviations will be lessened thanks to the implementation of automated solutions.

Interoperability With 3rd Party Software

Since this tech’s rapid data analysis is useful, 3rd party software can be used for further gain. Whether dealing with integrated flows, processing, or interpretation, multiple software options exist. Furthermore, they are automatically compatible with this system’s interface. For example, they handle data of MPD, MWD, and LWD technologies, producing useable info. You can monitor drilling and completions, optimizing well design simultaneously. Plus, it will decrease non-productive time spent in pursuit of taped wells.

Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Each application has been designed for its specific purpose, integrating with existing systems. Each feature benefits the operation’s efficiency, from alert issuance to automatic notifications. Once you implement this solution, undesired operational events will be decreased. As a result, your team’s operational capacity will improve, enhancing monthly production output. For more information, please visit Bardasz.

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