Using Pine Needles in Mooresville NC for a Landscaping Project

Designing a landscape means paying attention to all sorts of details. This includes what to use in flowerbeds and islands in order to provide visual interest and also promote plant growth. One of the most practical ways to accomplish both goals is to consider using pine needles in Mooresville NC. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

Cost Effective Solution

Of all the types of mulching cover for plants, Pine Needles are among the most cost effective. A little money will buy quite a bit of pine straw. That in turn means that more of the landscaping budget can be devoted to other elements of the project.

Great Look

The needles are a natural element that will blend in nicely with the other elements in the landscape. Dried pine needles will not detract from the lush look of greenery or pull attention away from any blooms that appear from one season to the next. At the same time, the needles do provide a uniform element that helps to tie all the landscaping together visually.

A Natural Fertilizer

Pine needles do decompose over time. As that process takes place, the material helps to nourish the soil. In particular, the needles help to infuse the soil with nitrogen, something that most types of plants need in abundance. When augmented with other fertilizers, the pine needles help to ensure that the plants have what they need to thrive.

Deters Weed Growth

One of the important properties of pine needles in Mooresville NC, is that they tend to make it harder for weeds to thrive in flowerbeds and islands. Along with helping to hold in moisture and prevent the loss of nutrients to the plants, this particular benefit is one of the most important. No weeds mean that maintaining the appearance of the landscape is all the easier.

A professional landscaper can aid in choosing pine needles that are ideal for the job. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the needles, it takes no time to break down a bale of needles and distribute them evenly in a flowerbed. Once in place, the needles begin to provide benefits immediately, both in terms of appearance and protecting the plants.


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