Used Refuse Equipment- Should You Buy It?

Refuse equipment is sold and bought by many waste disposal companies. For those who do not know, the term “refuse equipment” generally refers to virtually all types of equipment that is used in garbage collection trucks. It includes roll-off containers, load lugger containers, bales, shears, caddie cart containers, truck scales, shredders, granulators, hammer mills, waste/ recycling vehicles and many others.

If you are thinking of starting a waste disposal company, you will need to buy some refuse equipment. However, if bought new, all of this equipment can cost you a pretty penny. That is the reason why you should consider used refuse equipment. Many companies, when they are changing their equipment, tend to sell off the old one. This helps to bring in some scrap value rather than disposing of it and getting nothing. But the real question is; should you buy used refuse equipment? Here are a few factors to consider:

Check Your Budget

In most cases, you will want to buy used refuse equipment. If your company is still in its early stages, you may not have a lot of capital to invest in the beginning. As a result, you will want to purchase used equipment. You could get used weighting equipment, load lugger containers, roll-off containers as well as other used equipment at a significant discount.

You could also buy old garbage trucks from scrap yards and then scavenge what equipment parts you can. Most companies that are closing sell off their used equipment. You can check that out. There will be many cases where new equipment won’t fall within your budget. In such cases, you will just have to speak with a dealer who specializes in used equipment.

The Cost- Benefit Analysis

A simple cost- benefit analysis can help you decide whether you should buy used equipment or not. A cost benefit analysis indicates whether the cost you are paying for the equipment will give adequate benefit or not. For instance, if you are buying a used roll- off truck, do you think it will generate enough revenue to justify its costs? What if your field of operations is relatively small and you don’t really require a new truck?

In these cases, you could save a lot of additional expenses. Of course, the first and foremost thing to consider would be the quality of equipment that you are buying. All of the refuse equipment is going to be used at some point, so you will have to make sure you buy items that are in a usable condition. If you are buying equipment on an online forum (as most people do), it is always wise to check the seller’s reviews.

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