Why You Should Use a Full Service Animal Hospital When You Need a Veterinarian in Olathe KS

When you choose a veterinarian for your pet’s medical needs, you want the same things that your doctor offers you – professionalism, compassion, and leading-edge treatments. When choosing a veterinarian Olathe, KS pet owners are more likely to get all of these qualities if they choose a full-service animal hospital, such as Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. This option offers benefits that include:

* PUPPY AND KITTEN CARE: When you take your new puppy or kitten for a visit to their veterinarian Olathe, KS staff at Falcon Animal Hospital staff will educate you about how to care for your new family member. They offer packages that include vaccine updates and deworming, when required. The packs also provide samples of Science Diet food, as well as complimentary flea and tick and heartworm prevention doses. The vet thoroughly examines kittens and puppies, and provides a report card that illustrates results. In addition, an animal hospital can offer puppy training classes, conducted by professionals who use positive rewards as a teaching method.

* ONGOING WELLNESS: A veterinary hospital has all of the staff and equipment to keep your pet healthy for life. These include state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, such as radiology, x-rays, ultrasound, and a lab. They will schedule routine wellness exams, to measure your animal’s growth and well being. Vets offer dental services, too. These include regular checkups and cleanings that can often help prevent or cure bad breath, swollen gums, and trouble eating.

* ACUPUNCTURE: Animal hospitals such as Falcon Valley can offer acupuncture, to relieve some symptoms, or to reduce the dosage of medications and encourage patients’ bodies to heal. It may be used alone, or alongside medications. Vets who are trained in the procedure use very thin, sterile needles to stimulate various anatomic areas of your pet’s body. Science has shown that this practice can cause the release of chemicals in the body, including enkephalins and endorphins, that help block pain.

There are many advantages to trusting your pet’s care to a full-service animal hospital. These facilities provide life-long care for your animal companion, including wellness exams, preventative medicine, dental care, and even acupuncture.

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