Usage Tips for the Best Teeth Whitening Pen

There are many remedies that people with discolored teeth can use to bleach them. Although a number of them have to be offered by dentists, some can easily be bought over the counter. Teeth whitening pen is one of the common tools that people with this problem can buy over the counter or from a dentist to help them. Other than choosing the best teeth whitening pen, the following usage tips can also help you get the best results.

First, you need to know the hydrogen peroxide concentration for your ideal pen. The amount of hydrogen peroxide that you need is usually dictated by two factors; the speed with which you want the process to be completed and severity of your discoloration. In case you want results within a few days, then it is prudent to go for a high concentration. Furthermore, you could increase the frequency of using the pen if you have heavily discolored teeth.

Some people usually feel gum sensitivity after using teeth whitening pens. Although this is a common occurrence, it is easy to mitigate its effects. One of the ways of avoiding this sensitivity is by reducing usage frequency. As much as it may increase the number of day that you will need to use it, it is usually advisable to skip a day when using the pen. Furthermore, you can also reduce the hydrogen peroxide concentration in order to reduce gum sensitivity.

Choosing the best teeth whitening pen may not be that easy but when you consult a dentist, you are bound to get one that won’t cause tooth or gum sensitivity. Furthermore, a dentist can examine you to establish the approximate hydrogen peroxide concentration that you require in your pen. Once you have found the best pen, it is highly recommended that you avoid colored drinks and beverages such as tea, cola, coffee and red wine since they can easily reverse any gains that may have been made.

Teeth whitening pens are very effective because they not only work on the surface of teeth but also spaces between them. Lastly, you can visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening in Salisbury NC then buy a pen to keep the teeth white.

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