Unique Bedroom Sets in El Paso

Are you searching for new Bedroom Sets in El Paso? Before you go on the hunt, why not decide what you want for a new bed before? You might walk into a store and see the many options and just decide to pick one you like, or you can choose a specific bed style and ask for it in store. Why choose something everyone sleeps on? Pick one of these lesser known bed styles to make your bedroom unique.

Brass Bed

Most beds frames are metal or wood. Wood is beautiful and costly and metal is cheap. Brass beds are elegant with golden brass designs for the headboard and footer. They are rarely made new, but sold as antiques. Those that are made new are designed antique. That means they look like they can from Victorian or Edwardian times. Many new versions are only brass plated to make them cheaper.

Box Bed

The box bed looks like a cabinet for storing goods. When you open the carved wooden doors, you see a ready made bed. These beds are not for the claustrophobic, but they are great for people that love the dark or want to hide the bed away from guests. The box bed is great for small one-room apartments. The cabinet becomes the bedroom, but to guests, it just looks like a cabinet. Later, when you have a bedroom, you can use the box bed as a cabinet.

Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed is a newer version of the box bed, except that it has no other later use. The bed folds up into the wall and usually has a decorated cover that looks like a cabinet. You can’t hide inside like you can a box bed. Many companies offer Murphy bed installation with Bedroom Sets in El Paso.

Four Poster Bed

These beds are ornate wood that is carved into intricate designs. There are four carved poles at each corner of the bed and then a carved roof on top. The sides are open, but people often hang curtains to enclose the bed. It’s like sleeping in a box bed but without the claustrophobia. You can purchase new four poster Bedroom Sets in El Paso or find an antique.

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