Understanding the NCAAB Lines

College basketball is a sport in which you can potentially make a decent amount of money when you bet on it as long as you understand the basics of how it works. If you are new to betting, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, which is why it is important to learn the basic lingo of the NCAAB betting lines and how they work to make your first and subsequent betting opportunities successful.

The Favorite

In every game, there is a favorite and an underdog. The favorite signifies the team a majority of fans are betting on to win the game. Many people mistakenly think that betting on the favorite automatically means they will win their bet. While many times this may be true, it is not a fault-free method to betting. The favorite will be signified by a negative number. This number shows the amount of points the favorite must beat the other team by for you to win the bet. It is not enough for the favorite to win; they must win by the required amount or you lose your bet.

The Underdog

The team that is not favored is considered the underdog. In many cases, betting on the underdog can win you a significant amount of money, but you must know when to bet them. In the NCAAB lines, the underdog will be shown with a positive symbol. This number shows the number of points the underdog must lose by for you to win your bet.

Choosing between the Two

Careful analysis of the teams’ histories, current injuries on both teams and which important players are playing for each team will help you determine which team you should choose for an individual game. It is important to remember to refrain from choosing to bet on your favorite team simply because you like them. You must perform a careful analysis of each team in every game to ensure you make the right choice to make the most money.

Even if you have never bet the NCAAB lines, it can be a lucrative opportunity for a beginner. Take your time learning about the favorite and the underdog in each game to ensure you choose the right team to bet each time. After you gain a little experience, betting on college basketball could be a profitable experience for you.

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