Understanding The Implications Of An Uncontested Divorce In Camp Hill

Cumberland County recognizes an Uncontested Divorce in Camp Hill based on the way in which the parties agree upon the terms of these proceedings. To maintain an uncontested classification in the state of Pennsylvania, the couple must agree on every aspect of the agreement, including property division, the grounds, and child custody. Any deviation may render the divorce contested based on the failure to enter into an agreement without court assistance. Mediation is considered the last step before the court steps in to make a decision. Contact Serratelli, Schiffman and Brown, P.C today.

Divorce Types

Divorce cases are not classified simply based on the parties’ ability to agree to the terms. However, they are identified by the grounds stated in the petition. They are either no-fault or fault based on the grounds stipulated in the documents.

Fault divorces are based on the actions of the defendant. The grounds for these divorces include desertion, extreme cruelty, imprisonment for two years, or deception. Desertion may be classify as either willful or malicious; either option would prove that there was not a viable reason for this action. Extreme cruelty encompasses physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Furthermore, a spouse who is deemed insane and has been confined to an institution for at least one year warrants fault-based grounds.

Adultery is the most commonly utilized claim for fault divorces. The requirements for stating adultery as the ground implies that the plaintiff possesses proof of these allegations. This proof could be presented in forms such as cellular phone records, credit-card transactions, and audio files offering evidence of an affair. The findings of a private investigation are admissible in Cumberland County courts.

No-fault divorces imply that the couple has chosen to dissolve the marriage based on mutual consent or irretrievable breakdown. The defendant has the opportunity to deny the allegation of irretrievable breakdown if he or she can provide proof that this is invalid. This will result in a contested divorce. However, if the defendant fails to contest the petition within the thirty-day deadline, the judge can render a default judgment and finalize the divorce. To learn more about an Uncontested Divorce in Camp Hill, citizens of Cumberland County should browse website to find more information about our firm, our attorneys, and practice areas.